Celebrating Surrey Day and our beautiful surroundings

Celebrating Surrey Day and our beautiful surroundings

We are celebrating Surrey Day today by sharing a glimpse of the gardens of Chilworth Manor – in a slightly different angle.

Although we sadly cannot offer our Rose tastings from here this spring, we hope to spread some virtual enjoyment this way.

What can be seen in the video?

Chilworth Manor has all three types of Redwood, the one in the video is the Coastal Redwood – introduced into the UK in the 1840s. This one is one of the first planted in the UK and is around 165-175 years old. The video also shows the two ponds from the time when Chilworth was home to a monastery, a 1000 years ago.

Wisteria in the flower bed in memory of Lady Daphne Heald and also showing the flowering Judas tree in the beginning of the hornbeam walk.

View of the old oak tree that is over 400 years old with a short view of the Surrey Hills. The oak was perfectly preserved until last year, when it lost a massive lower limb. It is the central hub around which the lower gardens orbit. When a young oak was planted to commemorate Elizabeth 2's Diamond Jubilee, this mature specimen was seen that would have been a similar sapling in the reign of Elizabeth 1.

    The woodland - can you spot the deer just at the end?

    For more footage including a more traditional view, you can now visit the gardens virtually via this link.

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