From the monastic offerings of the 11th century to today's vintage rosé

Our Story

By introducing a vineyard to the estate and managing it sustainably, we hope to keep the past alive, preserve the beauty of the area we live in, and pass something meaningful on to those who come after us.


Like the layers of soil that give our grapes their unique taste, the layered history of Chilworth Manor has inspired generations.


A small family business, our dedicated team is committed to producing the best possible wine while giving the best possible personal service.


We would like our wines to give enjoyment and pleasure to the people consuming it, but also benefit elsewhere. We support Mary's Meals who provide one good meal each school day to some of the poorest children in Malawi.
We are part of Vineyards of the Surrey Hills, a cluster of beautiful vineyards producing outstanding wines from the rolling North Downs in the Surrey Hills. Nurtured on the chalky limestone hills with the same geology as that of the Champagne region, our vineyards have a unique location in the heart of Surrey.

Each vineyard has its own unique offerings, with a variety of tours and experiences. We invite you to visit and delight in the views, vineyards and wines.