We are a small family business, committed to producing the best possible wine and providing you with a friendly and personal service. Mia and Graham, guardians of Chilworth Manor’s history, aim to make sure their wine tells the story of the Manor’s rich past in taste, look and feel.
We have a dedicated vineyard team, led by John with the assistance of Vinnie and Chloe, who look after both the vineyard and gardens of Chilworth Manor. They work closely with consultants from VineCare UK and our agronomist, John Buchan, to ensure the long-term vitality of our vines and soil.
We are committed to the ideals of sustainable agriculture with the goal of working to balance the demands of production with a healthy ecology and bio-diversity. We are a founding member of the Sustainable Wines of Great Britain Scheme.
From the offices at Chilworth Manor, Sasja and Nik manage the marketing and promotion of our vineyard, plan our experiences and provide information about the wine as well as keeping pace with orders whilst Justine keeps our invoicing and accounting in check.
And of course, behind every fine wine there is a fine winemaker! Our grapes are delivered to Litmus Wines based at the Denbies Wine Estate in the Surrey Hills. There, we work closely with Matthieu Elzinga and his team to achieve our distinct quality, style and taste.
We are part of Vineyards of the Surrey Hills, a cluster of beautiful vineyards producing outstanding wines from the rolling North Downs in the Surrey Hills. Nurtured on the chalky limestone hills with the same geology as that of the Champagne region, our vineyards have a unique location in the heart of Surrey.

Each vineyard has its own unique offerings, with a variety of tours and experiences. We invite you to visit us all and delight in the views, vineyards and wines.