Veraison, harvest and progress in the vineyard

Veraison, harvest and progress in the vineyard

With the abundance of sunshine this summer, we saw the first signs of veraison taking place a good few weeks earlier than last year and ripening is now progressing well. Great news for this year's vintage and for our Still Rose which should be back again in 2023!

Harvest Volunteer Days are planned for 4 October and either 7 or 10 October. As last year it will be a near full day with a break for lunch in the gardens of Chilworth Manor.  You can sign up via our Events page if you are interested in helping and finding out more about life on a vineyard.

There is more progress in the vineyard as we have received planning permission for a tasting barn! The building, constructed from timber, will be a single storey linear development with below-ground storage for our wine, and located along the bottom edge of the vineyard. The design has been led by an awareness of its visual impact on the landscape as well as with environmental consideration in choosing materials.

The barn will be a focus for developing our vineyard tours and tastings and it will also provide an additional location for the charitable and community events. The foundations are already in place so we are hoping we will be able to welcome you sometime in the new year.

In addition to a new barn we will also be planting some more vines in the field above the existing vineyard. This year we are doing the preparation work followed by the planting of the vines next spring.  As some of you will know, some planting has already been done!  A native hedgerow was planted in June together with the help of more than a hundred of Chilworth residents as we celebrated the Platinum Jubilee.

Thank you for bearing with us a little longer as we look forward to the completion of this exciting new phase!

In the meantime, for orders of either of our Sparkling wines, please visit our online shop.