Vineyard in the winter



Our winter pruning is now finished and the vine canes are in the process of being tied down onto the wires in preparation for the season’s new growth.

This year, we are tying down two canes per vine - we are fortunate in many ways that our vines grow on a fertile site but it also means we have to manage that energy carefully  to ensure a good balance between leafy growth and fruit of the best quality. Having two canes allows us to fit a greater number of buds into a limited space and so help to even out that vigour.

We have also chipped up all the vine prunings this year and are composting them on site – this mulch will eventually be put back into the soil to maintain its health and structure.

We had our first sample of the 2018 vintage in January and are very excited about its potential! The Rosé will be available at the beginning of May, so watch this space for the pre-sale announcement.

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