Repurposing our bottles and corks

Repurposing our bottles and corks

5 Ideas to repurpose our bottles after you have enjoyed drinking them!

We believe in finding innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact and keep our wine bottles alive. We are excited to share some creative hacks with you on how to repurpose our bottles after you have consumed them!

1) Perfect for this winter season, you can turn our bottles into candles 

This year we have started converting our old bottles into candles. You can try this at home by following these steps or you can buy one of our repurposed candles as a gift with our Chilworth Scent Mini Case, Winter Gift Offer or on its own.

If you are making yours at home, you can play around with different scents. We used plum & rhubarb and cloudberry & lychee fragrances for our candles.

Or another alternative is using your bottle as your candlestick holder. Simply place a taper candlestick into the mouth of the bottle. You might find that you need a slight bit of trimming of the candlestick to fit inside the mouth of the bottle. Once that’s all done, you’ll have your wine bottle candlestick ready to go.

2) Make your bottle the centre piece of your table

This hack is very easy! Once you have finished drinking and made sure it's completely dry inside, you can buy some string lights which will bring a unique sparkle to your dinner table.  

 3) Arts and Craft Cork decorations

This hack is enjoyable for both families and friends. You can make this hack your own by coming up with various ways to repurpose our lovely corks.

This year we have made Christmas tree decorations, using just a bit of feathers, string and alpaca craft balls we have created our very own Christmas angels (they are included in our range of mini cases by the way)

Or you can turn our corks into table name holders to finish off your Christmas table.

There are numerous other possibilities to transform our corks into something beautiful, so get creative and see what unique ideas you can come up with!

4) Multi-Purpose Oil Dispenser and Table Water Jug

This hack we have loved for our home and it is super simple. Simply wash our bottles well, fill them with your cooking oil of choice and top with pour spouts. You can find multiple of them online.

Alternatively, you can use our bottles as a water jug for the table ... ideally next to one filled with wine of course.

 5) Bespoke Vases

Our last hack is transforming our empty bottles into stylish vases. Either add fresh or dry flowers to our bottles, it is that simple! They make for a unique and eco-friendly way to display flowers.

We hope you enjoyed these ideas. Please let us know if you come across another great idea to repurpose our bottles and corks.