Chilworth Manor Rosé 2020

Vibrant and youthful Provence style rosé bursting with aromas of red summer fruits and rose petal

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  • The layers of soil beneath our vineyard give our grapes their unique taste comparable with a Provence style pale rosé.  Chilworth Manor Rosé 2020 vintage is made from 51% Pinot Meunier and 49% Pinot Noir grapes which started their life growing on a sheltered and gentle south-facing slope adjacent to the Manor. The naturally fertile sandy loam lies on a base of sandstone, part of the Hythe formation.

    The grapes were planted in 2014 and although a first harvest was achieved in 2016, we decided to make them benefit from another full growing season before bringing our Rosé to market to ensure better quality and maturity of the wine. The 2020 vintage carried smaller bunches than usual at harvest, but, after a great ripening season, were full of juice and incredibly sweet – in fact, some of the highest quality fruit we have had so far!

  • One huge advantage this year was the ability to harvest selectively and pick what we needed at just the right time. Initially we hand picked a proportion of the Meunier and Pinot Noir grapes when they were at the optimum balance for our Sparkling wine, leaving the remainder to ripen further for the Rosé. Our Chardonnay, traditionally needing longer on the vine and left till last, produced grapes with exceptionally high sugar content against almost perfect acidity.

    Chilworth Manor Rosé is bottled by Litmus Wines

  • Charity has long been an important part of Chilworth Manor and it remains central to our ethos today. The vineyard is committed to continue this ethos and will support Mary's Meals, a charity that aims to provide chronically hungry children with one meal every school day to encourage school attendance. This in turn improves the children's level of education that can lift them out of poverty in later life. 

Chilworth Manor Rosé 2020

Chilworth Manor Rosé 2020 is a vibrant and youthful Provence style wine that bursts with aromas of red summer fruits and rose petal. The palate is smooth and luxurious with a harmonious balance and a long crisp finish. Made from 51% Pinot Meunier and 49% Pinot Noir. The grapes were handpicked and gently pressed in 2020.


In keeping with the spirit of Chilworth Manor, we support Mary's Meals who provide one good meal per school day to some of the poorest children in Malawi schools. 

£18.50/BOTTLE 75cl, 12% vol.

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